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We're pleased to offer the following services in our Veterinary Clinic:



Bach Flower Remedies

Cancer Care

Cancer…the dreaded diagnosis for pet owners. More than 50% of dogs over the age of 10 are diagnosed with cancer ever year. Cancer can develop due to a variety of factors, many of which we cannot control; such as age and genetics. 

Conventional cancer treatments include radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy. These treatments may destroy cancer yet create other problems at the same time.

Dr. Russell does not interfere or seek to interfere with conventional cancer treatment. Sometimes however there is not a conventional treatment that is within financial reach or the conventional treatment has side effects that are undesirable. For the patients, people are looking for alternatives. For those patients a conversation with a veterinarian who sees the patient with different lens is helpful.

Dr. Russell utilizes acupuncture, along with a herbal remedy-Neoplasene. Neoplasene is a relatively new treatment option available for veterinary use.  This treatment process stimulates the immune system by killing cancer cells by a process known as apoptosis. This is a self-termination process. The immune system of the patient is then stimulated to handle them as it would any other dying cell. 

Unlike most conventional "chemo" treatments it is not toxic. 

For more information regarding holistic cancer treatment, please contact our office today. We understand these are difficult times and that you are faced with difficult choices. If you would like a holistic consultation feel free to give us a call.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Holistic Consultation

Holistic veterinary medicine is a type of veterinary medicine that uses alternative medicine to treat your pet. The term "holistic" can be used synonymously with "alternative", "complementary", and "integrative." Dr. Russell specializes in multiple alternative and complementary treatments. The techniques she uses are minimally invasive and incorporate patient well-being, lifestyle, and stress reduction. 

​During the holistic consultation, we perform a complete evaluation of your pet. This includes more than just checking your pet's eyes and ears and listening to his or her heart. 


Platelet Rich Plasma

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy commonly refers to the process of placing stem cells from the body into diseased or damaged tissues-such as a torn ligament in the knee or perhaps an arthritic area of the body. This process is often referred to as regenerative medicine-a therapy that enables the body to repair and regenerate damaged tissues. Stem cells can change into blood vessels, bone, cardiac, cartilage, fat, ligament, liver, muscle, nerve, and tendon cells. 

How is Stem Cell therapy performed: 

After Dr. Russell makes a definitive diagnosis of your pet's condition, there are essentially three steps involved in the therapy:

1. Collection of fat from your dog or cat. This part is performed while under anesthesia. Fat cells are taken from a small incision in the groin or shoulder.

2. The fat cells are then transferred to a sterile laboratory, within the hospital, where the cells can be obtained, concentrated, and then extracted.

3. The final stage of treatment in injection of stem cells into the affected area-such as hip, elbow, knee, etc.

Other than rest and supportive measures, minimal special care is required after treatment. Most cases are performed in the same day. The procedure itself takes under three hours. 

Is Stem Cell Therapy right for my pet:

The decision to do any surgery is complicated. It is always based on your pet's condition, age, previous treatments, severity, duration, and anesthesia risk. Unfortunately there is no absolute way to predict how your pet will respond to stem cell therapy. Some patients respond favorably for several years and then relapse later. Other patients experience remarkable improvements right after treatment, while others take a few months to respond. 

Stem cell therapy can be used as an alternative treatment for osteoarthritis, bone and ligament injuries, spinal cord injuries, cardiomyopathies, kidney and liver failure, along with others.